Eusebio gutted with Roma’s mental deficiencies

Eusebio Di Francesco credited Atalanta for fighting back from 3-0 down to rescue a point against his Roma team citing mental deficiencies as the problem.

The Giallorossi coasted to a 3-0 lead only for the team to relax and allow the opposition to level proceedings starting with a Timothy Castagne header on the stroke of half-time.

Despite Duvan Zapata missing a penalty, Atalanta still completed the comeback for 3-3.

“The team made the right choices and took the correct approach in the first half, realising Atalanta would attack in numbers and leave gaps,” the Coach told Football Italia.

“The only problem is this isn’t the first time it has happened to us. It’s absurd to see a team with the same players put in such a different performance from one half to the next.

“Evidently the mental deficiencies of this team are still very much there and we have a lot of psychological work to do. You cannot throw away a 3-0 lead like this and if anything we were fortunate we got a draw.

Mancini doesn’t regret leaving Atalanta for Roma

The footballer wants a chance to play in the UEFA Champions League with a team that can fight for the top places in the Italian Lega Serie A.

“This team showed it is capable of keeping the tempo up, choosing the right timing and passing the ball behind their defence. When you can’t keep the ball and keep giving it away, as we did in the second half, Atalanta can kill you. And they did.

“All credit to Atalanta, but also all the blame to us for losing a 3-0 lead. What drives me crazy is the lack of consistency from this team, even during the same match.”

Di Francesco was shouting angrily at Justin Kluivert during the closing stages.

“I need more from players like Kluivert, which is to defend when he needs to, but also to actually do damage when he’s got the ball going forward.”


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