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Even without the best Ronaldo, Juventus is still undefeated

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We need to take a look at the Juventus from this season, the Old Lady is still the only undefeated club without the best Ronaldo. 

We are still worried about Cristiano Ronaldo’s situation, his low level of performance is still not that important for Juventus as a collective.

The Old Lady is still the only undefeated club in European football right now, and they are yet to recover the Portuguese player’s best version.

Despite this evident bump in the road, manager Maurizio Sarri keeps proving that he is on the right track.

The Italian manager is at the top of his career right now, delivering great results with a squad that hasn’t reached it’s true potential yet.

The former Chelsea boss is not having a very difficult time when it comes to making decisions, he knows exactly which players are in their best form.

When he started the season, there were even doubts about stars such as Paulo Dybala.

When Sarri was asked about the Argentine, he always kept a cool head and reminded everyone that Paulo is one of the best players in the world.

The way in which Dybala has responded to this trust has been remarkable, he has scored some of the most important goals over the last few weeks.

Despite still being considered part of the substitutes, the Argentina international still delivers on his promise through mesmerizing performances.

Dybala is only one of the many players who are responding well to Maurizio Sarri’s demands. 

There is also the Gonzalo Higuain case, the striker who keeps following Sarri wherever he goes and keeps responding well to the challenge.

As you all know, Higuain’s best level of performance was reached while playing under Sarri at SSC Napoli.

The Argentine striker broke a historic record in Serie A by scoring 36 goals in the competition, and he will have the manager’s trust forever because of that.

Even though he hasn’t scored too many goals in the season, ‘Pipita’ is still one of the most important players that Sarri has at his disposal for the defensive work alone.

Think of the job that Olivier Giroud has done for years without scoring too many goals and you might understand Higuain’s role in this Juventus squad.

The Argentine even took Mario Mandzukic’s place inside the starting XI, the Croatian forward might even leave the club next season.

We also need to talk about the defensive work that many players in the backline have been doing this season.

Namely Leonardo Bonucci’s leadership and his work with youngster Matthijs de Ligt, the Dutchman who took Chiellini’s place when the Italian defender suffered an injury that will take him months to recover from.

Sarri had the idea of using De Ligt as a starter on every single game, and the youngster took a while to get to an acceptable level. 

The team’s dynamic is Juventus’ source of power

Contrary to what a lot of the critics might think, Juventus hasn’t relied on Cristiano Ronaldo as much as they would’ve liked this season.

Not having the Portuguese forward at the top of his game is the reason Maurizio Sarri had to branch out and look for different alternatives.

Knowing that their biggest player is not currently going through a good moment, the Italian manager flexed his tactical muscles and made some interesting decisions.

Sarri even dared to replace Ronaldo twice in a row during the last two matches, he didn’t care about hurting his player’s feelings because he had a game plan.

Turns out that the attempt worked wonderfully and Juventus are still undefeated this season.

So far in all the competitions they are currently playing, the Old Lady has played 16 matches.

Out of all those games, they’ve won 13 and drew 3 of them. In regards to stats, Juventus scored 29 goals and allowed only 13.

The squad’s defense also helped keep a total of 6 clean sheets, which means Matthijs de Ligt’s inexperience hasn’t hurt them that terribly.

This Juventus side is as pragmatic as any Italian club can be, but they are still getting the job despite not having Ronaldo at his best.

Imagine what they will be able to accomplish with this solid squad when Cristiano gets back to the top of his game. 

How would you describe this Juventus squad during the current season without the best Cristiano Ronaldo? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.