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Evra names an unexpected toughest opponent he’s faced

Patrice Evra, France
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Patrice Evra is enjoying his retirement after a rich playing career where he made his mark, especially for Manchester United, firmly holding the left-back position.

Evra is now working on his coaching badges, so he’s a common visitor at Old Trafford these days.

The Frenchman is also famous for his social media posts, having fun everywhere.

However, he talked to Sky Sports about his playing days and the toughest opponent he’s faced.

“I played against Messi many times in the wide position, and I won’t say he’s easy to mark, but I could deal with it,” Evra said.

“It’s when he goes central, that’s when he’s dangerous because he can turn on the right or left.”

Concluding the hardest player to play against, Evra said:

“James Milner, only because he could frustrate me.

“I’m an attacking defender and he’s following me everywhere and challenging me in the air and I would just get frustrated sometimes. ‘Just go and attack and leave me alone!’

“When I was playing the derby against Manchester City, I had him, and then he went to Liverpool and I had him again.

“So yeah, the one who frustrated me the most was James Milner.

“Of course, [Aaron] Lennon was the type of player that, if I wasn’t 100 per cent fit, would run behind me, and defender’s hate when a player runs behind.

“Lennon’s quick movement was difficult to play against, but yeah, it’s James Milner.”

Milner heard of this, and when asked about it ahead of the Champions League clash, replied:

“It’s nice to know Patrice thought I was a nuisance,” Milner said according to Express.