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Evra reveals clash with Ed Woodward

patrice evra
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Patrice Evra says that he had a huge bustup with the Manchester United chief after he broke certain promises that forced the Frenchman to leave.

While Patrice Evra left Manchester United after eight years of loyal service, the Frenchman is always going to remain the club’s biggest fan. The former full-back recently announced his retirement from the game.

Evra has already said that he intends to delve into football management as predicted by Sir Alex Ferguson.

And while his departure from the club was amicable, things weren’t too great behind the scenes.

While speaking to Sky Sports, the diminutive full-back revealed that he had an ugly spat with Ed Woodward. In his last season at the club, Evra knew that the club could activate their traditional one-year extension to his contract.

However, Evra informed Woodward that he needed to leave England due to family reasons. Reportedly, the United chief understood the player’s wishes. But as it turned out, the club activated the one-year extension anyway.

“Before the end of that season Ed told me: “Patrice, you’re going to stay for another year because we’ve got an option in your contract,” but I told him I needed to leave because of family reasons. He shook my hand and said he understood.

“Then in May I was having dinner in Dubai on my birthday and had a text from my agent. He told me to go somewhere quiet and sent me a message with the statement from United saying they were pleased to renew my contract for another year. I went mad, I was really disappointed.”

And Evra said that he called Woodward and even threatened him.

He said: “I called Ed and swore on the phone, even threatened him. He said I couldn’t talk to the director of football like that and that he was going to fine me.

“After that Ryan Giggs called and said I couldn’t leave just because of one man, but it gave me an excuse to leave. I’d already said to my wife we were going to leave, but inside I didn’t ever really feel I could. That gave me a little push.”