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Evra’s agent believed signing for United was a mistake

Patrice Evra, Manchester United, Premier League
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According to Patrice Evra’s agent, signing for the Red Devils was a big mistake after he was substituted in after the first 45 minutes on his debut.

In 2006, Patrice Evra moved from Monaco in the French Ligue 1 to Manchester United in the English Premier League.

But on his debut, the French defender was subbed out after just 45 minutes.

This is why his agent believes it was a big mistake to have signed for United.

“When I played my first game with Manchester United, I ate some beans and pasta [before the game] and I feel really sick in my room,” Evra told Goal.

“I was going to say to Sir Alex Ferguson, ‘Look I’m not ready to play’, but I was scared because they would say, ‘He’s not the man to play in the derby’.”

“I play that game and get substituted after 45 minutes. I remember Ferguson was like, ‘Now you sit, you watch and you learn English football’. It was a tough time,” he added.

“Even my agent said we made a big mistake to sign you for Manchester United. But I was really strong mentally to prove everyone was wrong for myself because I’m really proud and I did it.”

Evra continued: “Iā€™m doing my coaching badges with Manchester United, but I want to make it clear because people think I am already working for United.”

“There has been some talk but no, I am just doing my coaching badges. I know people are excited to see me back at the club.”

“Iā€™m having some important talks behind the scenes so we will decide if I will work for the club in a certain role or not. We will see,” he concluded.