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Ex Derby player understands Lampard decision

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Frank Lampard decided to join Chelsea and Mark Wright understands why the former England international made a move.

While Frank Lampard has been appointed as Chelsea’s 14th manager of the Roman Abramovich era, many Derby fans have not taken this move too well.

The former Chelsea player has received a lot of backlash for making a move to his former club after one year with Derby County. Indeed, Lampard could have gone on to do amazing things with the Rams had he stayed.

However, the allure of managing Chelsea was too hard to turn down and Lampard decided to swiftly make a move to Stamford Bridge.

And while his move has been criticized by many people associated with Derby, the club’s former defender believes that Lampard could not refuse such a big opportunity.

“What you want as an ex-player going into management is to be able to test yourself at the highest level,” the ex-Derby defender told Starsport.

“When chances come along at the highest level then a manager is going to take it.

“What it’s come to now is you can’t wait around. It’s nice of there to be loyalty but you want to test yourself.”

And Wright believes that Lampard will succeed at the club despite already facing so many obstacles.

Wright said: “Why not? He comes across right, he’s had an exceptional career, he’s got his badges, he’s enthusiastic, and he knows his football because he’s played at the highest level.

“Who is out there that you can turn round and say are exceptional?

“I don’t understand why people get sacked then find another job in the Premier League.

“If there’s good, young talent like Frank Lampard around then give them a chance because they’re enthusiastic, they want to work hard, and they know the game.

“I’m all for giving those ex-players a chance in football to come through and show their value.”