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Ex-Real Madrid man slams ‘bang average’ Pique

Gerard Pique, FC Barcelona
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Oscar Ruggeri does not hold back while expressing his opinion about Gerard Pique, who he suggests gets undeserved recognition.

Ever since making the switch from Manchester United back in 2008, Gerard Pique has been an indispensable player for FC Barcelona.

Pique has been central to Barca’s successes in recent years, winning eight La Liga titles and three Champions League trophies, among several other pieces of silverware.

He has been equally successful with the national team as well, guiding Spain to European Championship and World Cup glory.

The 33-year old’s highly decorated CV puts him in the argument for one of the best defenders of this generation.

Oscar Ruggeri, however, does not rate him very highly. The former Real Madrid defender argues that had he been at a different club, Pique would not have been relevant.

“Pique is a second-rate [player], like me, like many others,” Ruggeri told FOX Sports Argentina.

“He’s good looking, he’s with the singer [Shakira], he has a cool beard, but if he played for Valencia, he wouldn’t be well known. Pique ended up playing for Barcelona. He’s like me – bang average. A good defender, but not much else. He doesn’t get put under pressure, except against the big teams.

Sergio Ramos is the best [centre-back] in the world, by far.”