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Exclusive: Former Manchester United coach talks about Sir Alex Ferguson impact

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19 Apr 1997: Alex Ferguson (right), the manager of Manchester United and Brian Kidd the assistant manager communicate with their players during the Premier League match against Liverpool at Anfield in Liverpool, England. Manchester United won 3-1. Mandatory Credit: Ross Kinnaird /Allsport

Former Manchester United coach, Kevin Reeves says that Sir Alex Ferguson was the heart and soul of the club throughout his tenure as the manager.

While Manchester United might be struggling to find their identity, things were different when the great Scot was in charge. Sir Alex guided the Red Devils to probably their greatest ever era as the club romped to numerous domestic and European titles.

While speaking exclusively to Ronaldo.com, Kevin Reeves, who was the coach of the Manchester United academy, said that Sir Alex Ferguson carried an aura around him which literally translated to everyone at the club.

“Sir Alex was unique in a sense that he never saw himself as the manager of Manchester United. He was completely invested in the foundations of the club, always out to know more about the people around him,” says Reeves who also spent time coaching at Stoke City and Port Vale.

The English tactician says that Sir Alex was the reason why Manchester United always had a family like atmosphere.

“It didn’t matter whether you were the coach or a senior team player or a kitman. Sir Alex treated everyone the same. It’s not easy knowing everyone at a club as big as Manchester United but he made sure to know everyone by their first name.

“Every morning he would come to Carrington and greet the first man he would see in the parking lot. That is why he was always successful in keeping everyone grounded at Manchester United. He always listened to the academy coaches and knew every young recruit by name. That’s not something you see every day.”

While many people remember the great Scot due to his hairdryer treatment, Reeves says that he was mostly a father figure to the club.

“Yes that’s something that happens everywhere (the hairdryer treatment). But the thing about Sir Alex is that he loved the club and considered everyone there as a part of his family.

That is why we have always had the best atmosphere at Manchester United. Young kids love coming here because they know that they’d be given proper attention.”