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Explaining Argentina’s devotion towards Diego Maradona

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In the wake of Diego Maradona’s new documentary, we try to explain the devotion Argentines have for this legendary player.

The new Diego Maradona documentary had a premiere this Friday, it encapsulated the unhinged devotion that Argentina has for him.

We have always struggled to understand how so many people can overlook the many off the pitch problems he’s had over the years.

Even today, we see a decaying Diego Maradona struggling to keep his composure during interviews and still having some drinking problems that become too public.

All of these signs of a has-been football legend who doesn’t seem to care about his legacy are completely unimportant to the people from Argentina.

Actually, you can get in trouble if you ever dare to say anything negative about Maradona to someone from his country.

This is something that I’ve never got to understand because athletes are supposed to be an example to the world, but Diego needs to be analyzed with a different lens.

In order to properly get why Argentina is this devoted to Maradona, we need to start looking at the way in which people can separate the art from the artist.

This is where it gets a little tricky for some people, there are individuals who simply aren’t able to overlook the things an artist does.

Because make no mistake, Diego Maradona is an artist of the game.

When the announcement of Diego coaching Gimnasia from Argentina took place, I was troubled by the fact that somebody could still give a job to him.

It’s evident that Maradona still struggles to even speak, but I quickly understood the whole concept about him.

Argentina is still hanging up to a thread of Diego Maradona’s past, they still regard him as the player that he was.

This is a man who delivered one of the most memorable moments in Argentina’s history, which was the 1986 World Cup in Mexico.

Not even people like Mario Kempes had the impact Diego had in so many different generations from Argentina.

Watching many journalists testimonials after the documentary premiere, it’s evident that most of them grew up watching Diego as their ultimate hero.

There is a certain mystical aspect to his whole story that catches anyone’s eye, I can now understand why they allow him to get away with so much.

I still don’t share many of the things that he’s done over the years, but I can finally understand how difficult it must be for the Argentineans to hear anybody talking trash about their idol.

This football legend is another misunderstood genius who can easily make people remember their childhood and make them cry in a matter of seconds.

This is where Maradona’s magic resides, inside people’s memories.

The reason Argentine’s value Diego above Leo Messi.

One of the main reasons I didn’t understand people from Argentina always putting Maradona above Leo Messi also became clear.

As an outsider who didn’t grow up in his own country, Lionel didn’t learn the traditional personality trades that people from Argentina usually have.

They are prone to always best you in mischievous ways, they are always trying to cheat the system and they are proud of that personality trade.

Maradona represents the cheeky aspect that the working class from Argentina usually manifests, Leo grew up in a completely different environment.

Contrary to what Diego did when he played during his prime, Messi never stays down on the pitch with the intention to get a free-kick.

Leo doesn’t understand this cheekiness that comes hand in hand with somebody from Argentina, this is where the fans lose their connection with him.

In a sense, the Barcelona star is a more bourgeois type of Argentine who is more identified with the first world.

Being a third world country, it’s easy to understand why the overwhelming majority of the people loves Diego above anybody else.

Maradona is a man of the people, Lionel Messi is simply not. Now that I understand this mythical aspect of Diego Maradona, I can now appreciate him in the same way that his compatriots do.

How would you explain Argentina’s devotion to Diego Maradona? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.