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Explaining Cesar Luis Menotti’s confrontation with AFA

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We go through a detailed explanation of the confrontation that Cesar Luis Menotti is having with the AFA board over the Argentina Nationa Team.

Ever since Cesar Luis Menotti took his job as National Teams’ Director for AFA, something didn’t smell right from the very beginning.

Menotti has a story of always having an opinionated approach to every single job he takes, he’s always been a rebel who goes against the system.

Initially, he decided to take on this job because he honestly believed that he could help the squad’s reconstruction.

However, the man found several obstacles that didn’t allow him to work freely upon arrival.

For starters, Menotti didn’t like the fact that AFA selected a national team manager before they appointed him on his new job.

Cesar Luis would’ve preferred to use a more experienced manager and he has the pull to convince people like Diego Simeone, but AFA moved against his will.

This is what created an uncomfortable environment from the very beginning, Menotti knew that he didn’t really have control of anything from the start.

There are many different types of interests at play with the National Team, Menotti started to veer away from the squad and he even decided to not travel to Brazil for the Copa America.

The man is clearly not happy with how things are getting done inside the team, he recently went after the board through various media outlets.

The bomb exploded with Menotti’s column for Diario Sport.

Given that AFA doesn’t really let him take full control of the national team, Cesar Luis Menotti applied his opinionated voice where they actually let him speak.

The man has a column that he writes for Diario Sport, he spoke about the flaws that the Argentina squad currently has and this wasn’t taken very well by AFA.

They didn’t appreciate that Menotti took a publication to express what he really feels about the National Team, but the man didn’t really have a choice.

Management at AFA has been contaminated for decades, Julio Grondona’s passing only made things worse as the biggest board members wanted power for themselves.

In his piece that got published right before Argentina’s 1-1 draw against Paraguay, Menotti predicted a bad result through his words.

The former manager also spoke about Lionel Scaloni not being the best option for the team’s reconstruction, but he mostly came after the AFA board for not having stability.

This was taken as a direct attack by president Claudio Tapia, who gave Menotti his job in the first place.

There is a clear disconnect between the National Teams’ Director and the people who run AFA right now, this relationship is destined to fail.

Argentina elimination is the best that can happen.

In Menotti’s piece for Diario Sport, the man makes a compelling point of AFA needing a more prepared manager for this massive undertaking.

Cesar Luis is still hanging up from the idea that they can still get the best out of Lionel Messi, but they need a solid project in order to find this balance.

If AFA decides to finally give Menotti full control of the squad, he will likely sack Scaloni from his position.

This is not the manager’s fault by any stretch of the imagination, he is simply not qualified to make this teamwork.

There is a great chance that Argentina still qualifies to the Copa America’s quarterfinals, but facing a stronger opponent will send them home with total certainty.

All Cesar Luis Menotti did was point out the obvious, he didn’t mean to hurt anybody with his honest assessment of what is currently happening with AFA.

Going against the system comes naturally to him, it’s a normal reaction to bullshit that any social justice warrior tends to have.

Menotti is actually one of the few people who has the ideal plan to help Argentina, but AFA won’t let him do his job freely.

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