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Explaining Gareth Bale’s latest incident at Real Madrid

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Despite Santiago Solari denying there was a problem with Gareth Bale, the Welshman’s latest incident leaves him on a very delicate position.

The Real Madrid board of directors’ patience has run out with Gareth Bale, there are several things he did last weekend that have practically left him without options to stay at the club next season.

The whole situation between him and manager Santiago Solari reached a boiling point last Sunday during the match against Levante, Gareth feels like he is completely past his injuries and he obviously thinks he deserves to play all the matches but the manager thinks otherwise.

A sequence of events took place last Sunday against Levante, in which Gareth Bale was involved and showed one of the most embarrassing versions of himself by proving that he lacks sportsmanship when the squad needs him the most.

It’s clear that after what he did against his manager and teammates last Sunday at Ciutat de Valencia Stadium, Gareth Bale should be taken out of the Real Madrid squad and sold to the highest bidder next summer because this player clearly doesn’t understand what it means to be a player for one of the best clubs in football history.

We will go through a series of unfortunate events that put Gareth in the eye of the hurricane, either he changes his attitude or he simply leaves the club.

Before the match against Levante

To those who don’t know this, Gareth Bale is a hardcore golf enthusiast and he plays nearly every week.

The player doesn’t seem interested in spending any time with his teammates when they go out to dinner or other activities, he prefers to spend time with his family of play this other sport that is actually bad for footballers because it messes up their back.

When Bale realized that he wasn’t starting the match against Levante, there was a clear image of him coming into the stadium while watching golf on his cell phone.

Real Madrid struggled to get a positive result from this match, Gareth Bale was clearly unhappy for staying on the bench until the second half and he got even more frustrated when the manager asked him to warm up and he picked another player instead of him.

As soon as he realized that he wasn’t going to be the first substitution of the game, Gareth Bale immediately went to grab a bottle of water and stopped getting ready to come in.

In clear defiance to the manager, the Welshman started talking to Marcelo and Keylor Navas about how laughable the situation was to him.

For some reason, this attitude makes Gareth Bale seem like he thinks himself above Real Madrid and this is completely wrong. But the worst was yet to come from the player.

Bale disses Lucas Vazquez

If it hadn’t been for Solari who requested Bale to come on the pitch just minutes after the first substitution, the player would’ve probably gotten into a heated argument with Pintus for refusing to follow instructions.

But the Argentine manager had perfect timing and Bale got on the pitch, he even had the chance to score the winning goal with a penalty and his shot was perfect to give Real Madrid the three points.

When Lucas Vazquez approached Bale to celebrate, Diario AS reported that the Welshman showed a deplorable attitude by denying the acknowledgement from his teammate and left everyone completely crossed by his attitude.

Just with this reaction alone, Gareth Bale proved that his days at Real Madrid are completely numbered.

If president Florentino Perez has any common sense, this player should be taken away from the squad and receive the ideal disciplinary action for his childish tantrum.

Players like Gareth Bale or Kepa Arrizabalaga, proved what it is to be an awful teammate and how easy it can be to disrespect one of your brothers in arms.

The problem here is to see which club would want a problematic player like Bale in their ranks, he could disrupt the environment very easily.


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