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Explaining Jadon Sancho’s rise in the England squad

England v Czech Republic - UEFA EURO 2020 Qualifier
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We were already expecting Jadon Sancho to have his first-team debut with the England National Team, but we didn’t expect it to be this successful.

The rise of Jadon Sancho as one of the best players in last night’s EURO 2020 match against the Czech Republic needs to be further analyzed, the Borussia Dortmund youngster is currently the player with the highest number of assists in the continent both for his club and for his national team combined and he has reached a level of performance that is very rare in players his age.

Sancho’s inclusion in the squad by Gareth Southgate’s orders marked the very first time that a player who is not older than 18 starred in a serious match for England, he was later accompanied by Callum Hodson-Odoi as the two teenagers who made history with the Three Lions last Friday.

But to be fair, the Chelsea youngster didn’t have as many minutes as the Borussia Dortmund player did throughout the whole 90 minutes of the match.

To be honest, we didn’t think that Jadon was going to finish the match due to his young age but Southgate surprised us all with the decision to leave him for the full match and let him complete his first international game as an England player.

A milestone that very few players in football history can say they achieved at this age, Jadon was only three days shy of his 19th birthday and this is totally considered an early present from the gaffer.

Now on to Jadon Sancho’s actual performance, the lad felt comfortable from the first minute he stepped on the pitch.

The brilliant moment for him came early in the first half, as Harry Kane saw him make the movement on the right wing and delivered a precise pass down the lane that the youngster reached on time.

Sancho already knows these types of situations by memory, he executes them all the time with all his Borussia Dortmund teammates during practice and he repeats them during the official matches.

Jadon has learned that his favorite place on the pitch and the crowd is already getting used to seeing him perform well from that area, he even had some time to nutmeg Novak just a few minutes before the halftime whistle came.

Raheem Sterling might be living the dream right now as the English player who is getting recognized as the best at the moment, but Jadon Sancho isn’t far behind the Manchester City player as he was easily the most dangerous player from last night’s match against the Czech Republic.

He kept creating chances and being a complete headache for Novak on the right wing throughout the 90 minutes, this kid’s talent seems to have no limits.

The most exciting moments of Jadon Sancho’s performance against the Czech Republic came during the second half, the final 20 minutes gave us a glimpse of what we can expect from the combination of his talent with U17 World Cup teammate Hodson-Odoi.

Sancho moved past several rivals from the final third of the pitch at full speed, he saw the Chelsea youngster and served him the ball with plenty of space. Callum proceeded to take a shot that the Czech goalkeeper deflected and accidentally hit defender Kalas, England got the fifth goal through an own goal but thanks to Jadon Sancho’s understanding with the other youngster on the pitch.

It’s safe to say that the lad earned his spot in next Monday’s match at Montenegro, it will be interesting to watch him play another full match under different conditions.

We all know how lively the Eastern European crowds can get when they support their national teams, this will be a completely different experience for such a young player and a perfect way to test his character once again.

If he passes this new test with flying colors, we will have another confirmation of Jadon Sancho’s rise to stardom at such a tender age.

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