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Explaining Jordi Alba’s problem with Luis Enrique

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Let’s take a closer look at the reason behind Luis Enrique’s decision to snub Jordi Alba from the Spanish National Team, both deny a feud but we beg to differ.

With the international break already in motion around the world, one of the biggest surprises we got was Spain manager Luis Enrique’s snub to Jordi Alba from the call-up list for the two friendly matches they have against England and Croatia. When asked about his controversial decision to leave the best left-back Spain has out of the squad, the manager refused to talk about players who are not included on his call-up list and left everyone wondering why he made that decision. Looking back at the time when both shared a locker room at Barcelona, there was a moment that could have influenced Luis Enrique’s decision now. It was during the manager’s last season with the Catalan club when Jordi Alba got completely left out of the squad due to a technical decision, the boss switched from a 4-3-3 to a 3-4-3 formation in the match against Paris Saint-Germain and effectively left Alba out to dry with no position on the starting eleven.


The left-back didn’t receive this very well and expressed his discomfort publicly because he felt like such a decision was unfair, Alba took his time out of Barcelona during an international break when Lopetegui coached Spain to come out and speak against Luis Enrique’s decision: “I feel the total confidence of the coach [with the national team]. For me it’s a compliment and I’m full of confidence. I’m not feeling this at Barcelona,” said Jordi. This was taken poorly by the Barcelona manager, who started feeling too much pressure and quickly changed the system which brought the left-back to the starting eleven, but the damage was done. Luis Enrique has always been known for feeling resentful towards the ones that harm him, his hatred towards Real Madrid is famous because the club snubbed him during his years as a professional player and he has never forgiven them ever since. Now that he is a national team manager, Luis Enrique picked this moment to deliver his revenge with all his power.

Alba’s message after the snub.

It’s clear by now that Jordi Alba has been snubbed for these words against his former manager, there is very little hope that both can reach an agreement and leave all the past grudges behind them. The player recently scored a goal in FC Barcelona’s 8-2 victory against Huesca, he spoke to the media after the match to tell them he doesn’t understand why he was left out of the squad for these two matches against England and Croatia. But deep down inside, Jordi knows exactly what’s really going on and he just chose to not talk about the real issue. It appears that the Spanish national team is managed by a coach who can carry a grudge, something that is not very well received by the Spanish press because they all widely consider Jordi Alba as the best left-back in Spain and one of the best in the world on that position. The most benefited side of all this is Barcelona of course, because they will have a rested player who won’t risk an injury during international breaks.

Today was the first time that all the called-up Spanish players met with Luis Enrique, the manager doesn’t seem like he will let his hatred towards Real Madrid affect his judgment. In fact, there was a funny moment in which Sergio Ramos approached all of Luis Enrique’s technical staff to greet every single one of them. Just when he was turning back to look for the manager, he stood right behind him and surprised him to give us one of the most unexpected funny moments between the two men. Sergio Ramos as we know is a fierce Madridista, but he is also the current National Team manager in Spain who is supposed to take his national team to the next European Championship in 2020. A competition that will celebrate it’s 60th birthday and will be organized by several nations from the continent. Luis Enrique takes the responsibility left by Julen Lopetegui, who got sacked right before the World Cup for signing a new contract with Real Madrid without telling the Spanish Football Federation president Luis Rubiales.

What do you think about Luis Enrique’s first problem with a player from the Spanish National Team? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.