Explaining Pep Guardiola’s hate against Real Madrid

After the latest back and forth comments between Guardiola and Solari in the press, we need to address Pep’s profound hate against Real Madrid.

Pep Guardiola just keeps on dissing anything that has to do with Real Madrid due to his profound hate against Los Blancos, the Catalan manager has been constantly dismissing the Spanish giants in press conferences and it has been a joy to watch.

It all started last week when Guardiola was asked about the best European clubs in the last decade, the man mentioned Barcelona (obviously), Bayern Munich, and Juventus.

However, the Catalan manager didn’t care to mention the three consecutive Champions League that Los Blancos won in the last three seasons.

This obvious omission caught Solari’s attention and responded by stating that Real Madrid is the best club in football history, but Pep was having none of it.

This Friday he was asked about Solari’s statements and he doubled down, Pep is convinced that a club that wins three consecutive Champions League trophies (and four out of the last five) cannot be considered amongst the best clubs of the last decade.

In his argument, Guardiola said that he only counts the league titles the clubs from the list have won and Real Madrid only has two of those.

With his arguments about the apparent “misunderstanding”, everything seemed to get back to normal but Pep had to open his mouth again.

During the same press conference from this Friday ahead of Manchester City’s Premier League match against Chelsea, the manager was questioned about newcomer Gonzalo Higuain.

The Catalan manager praised the Argentine by mentioning his participation in clubs like Juventus or Napoli, but never once did he mention Real Madrid.

It’s difficult to believe that Pep Guardiola has suddenly forgotten that Gonzalo Higuain played the better part of his career at Real Madrid, the diss was pretty obvious and now a lot of people will be scratching their heads asking why he refuses to mention the Spanish club by name.

The response to this question is pretty simple, Pep Guardiola truly hates everything that a club like Real Madrid represents in Spanish culture.

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Being a Catalan man himself, Pep grew up knowing the history of the divided country where he grew up and he knows that Los Blancos have been historically linked to the government and the republic.

Even if times have changed now, Guardiola will forever be opposed to everything that Real Madrid represents.

The best way to know exactly why this resentment exists against Real Madrid is by hearing his Al Sadd teammate Baghdad Bounedjah describing how Catalan children grow up, they are always taught to hate Los Blancos from a very early age in an almost religious manner.

But this ill will toward the club from the capital, in general, comes from many parts of the country, not only from Catalonia.

The Atletico Madrid players also grow up hating Real Madrid because they have lived under their shadow forever, Xavi shares the squad with Atletico product Gabi and they both share the same negative feeling against Los Blancos.

“Neither of them like Real Madrid,” said the Bounedjah when asked about teammates Xavi and Gabi disliking Real Madrid.

“Xavi told me that in Cataluña they are taught to hate Real Madrid and grow up with those feelings,” added Bounedjah via Diario AS.

So, when we see an accomplished manager like Pep Guardiola doing these omissions on purpose, we know the reason behind it and it speaks about a tradition that is ingrained in the culture of the people who don’t support Real Madrid.

Every country has this “tyrant” club that everybody loves to hate, Los Blancos are the perfect representation of this notion.

Why else do you think people have this hate against Real Madrid? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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