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Explaining the latest about Neymar’s future at PSG

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We need to go deeper into the whole situation that Neymar is going through at PSG, we have to discuss the latest about his future.

We all woke up on Wednesday with the shocking news that Real Madrid got between PSG’s negotiation with Barcelona for Neymar.

The Brazilian star is actively looking to leave the French giants and his greatest wish is to go back to the last club where he played before arriving in Ligue 1.

There is a small problem though, the folks from Paris can’t stand the people from Barcelona and they are doing everything in their power to prevent Neymar’s return.

How are they doing this you ask? Well, Nasser Al-Khelaifi has specifically ordered Leonardo to offer Neymar to several clubs.

A report from Diario Sport revealed that PSG attempted to sell this player to Manchester United, Juventus, and Real Madrid.

At least one of them was expected to comply with the offer, the result was something that all Barcelona fans have been dreading for two years.

Turns out that Florentino Perez actually liked the idea of signing Neymar, he has been trying to land his transfer since the star was 13 years old and this is considered one of the president’s biggest frustrations.

There was almost no player who resisted his charms, but Neymar never got around to liking the idea of wearing the white jersey.

Zidane prefers Neymar over Pogba.

There was a notion that the Brazilian player was no longer liked by Florentino Perez, his latest rough moments and injuries apparently veered Los Blancos away from his orbit.

Zinedine Zidane has reportedly told the president that Neymar doesn’t fit in his plans, all the French coach thinks about is Paul Pogba.

The problem here is that the Manchester United player may not be an option for Los Blancos right now, and Florentino Perez feels like the squad does need a high profile star in order to compete for all the titles.

As a safety measure, Perez reportedly made the decision to entertain Paris Saint-Germain’s approaches and he started having meetings with the French club’s board about the possibility of signing Neymar.

Zidane repeated himself with this matter, he feels like the Brazilian is completely unnecessary and his sights are completely set on buying a midfielder.

‘Zizou’ even told Florentino that he prefers Christian Erikson before Neymar of Pogba doesn’t come through.

But Paris Saint-Germain is dead set on dropping their most expensive player, and they have no intention of sending him back to FC Barcelona.

Neymar has to speak up or become a Real Madrid player.

The biggest issue amongst FC Barcelona supporters after this news broke, is that Neymar has remained silent in the middle of the storm.

The Catalan club’s supporters thought the ghost of Real Madrid was actually gone, but they are extremely worried again because the Brazilian hasn’t said a word about his future in public.

This situation even put Barcelona journalists on edge, they fear that this negotiation between Real Madrid and PSG could actually become a reality.

It’s safe to say that Neymar playing for Los Blancos wouldn’t only be considered a betrayal from the player, but also the biggest failure from the club’s board of directors that is currently led by Josep Maria Bartomeu.

Not to mention the repercussions that this possible transfer would have in the Catalan club’s dressing room, we can already tell you that Lionel Messi would be devastated if it happened.

The offer on the table that PSG has at the moment is €120 million, plus Luka Modric.

However, negotiations between both clubs are ongoing, and they could even extend throughout the whole rest of the month.

What do you think about this very real possibility of Neymar playing at Real Madrid? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.