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Explaining the love that Bonucci’s son has for Torino

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It’s time to talk about one of the sweetest stories in Italian football, which is the passion that the son of Leonardo Bonucci has for Torino.

In what can be considered one of the most beautiful gestures that Italian defender Leonardo Bonucci has ever done during his career, he takes his son Lorenzo to all the Torino matches because he is a passionate fan of Juve’s city rival. The little kid started as a fan of the club from the city since he started loving football, very early in his life when his best friend from school convinced him to follow this squad. Since then, the child has never stopped going to matches and it’s a very curious sight when his father, Juventus’ Leonardo Bonucci takes him to the games of the hated rival. All the Torino fans have gotten used to this and little Lorenzo has already become a celebrity amongst them, and Lorenzo is an avid fan of striker Andrea Belotti who has already accepted a dinner invitation fro Leonardo Bonucci to take pictures with the kid. The passion runs so deep, that Lorenzo recently started playing for the youth academy called Piccolo Amici del Torino where he just scored his first goal this weekend at age six and where he has already started making a name for himself at such a young age.


Leonardo is obviously happy about the whole situation because he loves his son, but he has gone through some very interesting situations where he as the Juventus idol takes his son to the Torino stadium. There was one moment when all the fans that saw him fulfilling his son’s wishes despite the rivalry, gave Leonardo a standing ovation because of the beautiful gesture. But the defender has taken full advantage of his son’s passion for Juventus’ rival, he has always kept the social media posts entertaining when his little son is involved and he even takes some time to mock many situations in which Lorenzo doesn’t like cheering for Juventus. The kid really hates his father’s squad due to the rivalry, so much that he was seen really angry when his father took him to the 2016-2017 Scudetto celebration wearing a Juventus jersey and little Lorenzo was crying the whole time. Not too soon after that, Leonardo needed to make amends and that’s when he had the brilliant idea of inviting Belotti to a dinner where he could take pictures with the child. We can’t say that there are many cases like the one between Leonardo Bonucci and his son Lorenzo but we appreciate the Juventus player being a great sport.

Torino has a very rich history in Serie A, they became one of the very first squads that formed a dynasty in Italian football back in the 40’s. However, the squad suffered a tragedy in 1949 that shook the world of football as their plane crashed and killed 18 players of the legendary squad that won 7 Serie A titles and 5 Coppa Italia died in the accident which became the first big tragedy of this nature. In later years there were other clubs that suffered the same fate as Manchester United in 1958 or Brazilian club Chapecoense back in 2016. One could say that the spirit of Torino lives on in little Lorenzo, he dreams of someday becoming a professional player for the ‘Grande Toro’ and he knows that his father will always be there to support him. Lorenzo has even tried to convince his dad to play for Torino when he starts his veteran days, this would be a great gift from Leonardo to his son who would absolutely go mental if his father played for the club he feels so passionate about. But in the meantime, Lorenzo will have to keep enduring his father at Juventus, even if he hates it with all his heart. Football passion can be really funny sometimes.

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