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Ezz El-Din Bahader: 75-year-old oldest PRO player

Ezz El-Din Bahader
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Defying age and entering the record books, Bahader is set to become the oldest professional football player when he takes on the pitch.

An Egyptian third division side registered Ezz El-Din Bahader as a player. If and when he gets minutes on the pitch will be momentous. The Egyptian has a two-year advantage over the current oldest professional player and he will surpass this record.

The Egypt Football Association (EFA) is well aware of what stakes are at play and did not shy away from stating it right in the open. As it seems, Bahader wants to enter the Guinness book of World Records and this is his pathway.

The well-versed traveler is eager to put his name in the record books and the EFA will not stand in his way. Actually they are supporting it.

“Today, the Egyptian Football Association has registered the oldest professional player in the world during the current winter transfer period. He is 75-year-old Ezz El-Din Bahader, who signed for 6 October in the third division,” the EFA’s Facebook post read.

“He is preparing to enter the Guinness World Encyclopaedia of records as he begins his participation with his club.”

From what initially seemed as incorrect age, is actually true. And it is going to be an interesting ride. Whether Bahader will actually get minutes on the pitch remains to be seen.

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