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Fabianski explains the difficult Arsenal life

Lukasz Fabianski
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Polish goalkeeper Lukasz Fabianski played for seven years with the Gunners but only was able to appear in 78 matches in all the competitions.

Polish goalkeeper Lukasz Fabianski left Legia Warsaw in 2007 to join Arsenal in the English Premier League.

He spent seven years there until he finally moved to Swansea City in 2014, but since 2018 he’s been playing for West Ham United.

And during this time, the 34-year-old was only able to play in 78 matches with the Gunners.

“I wanted to prove myself on the pitch, but I didn’t have many chances, so it put a lot more pressure on every single game that I played,” he told Goal.

“I found myself in situations where I was so keen to show my qualities, but many times it worked against me and I was punished for being too eager.”

The keeper commented: “I think what happens when you don’t play regularly is that all the little things that are very important for our position are a little bit off. Even when I started pre-season this year, I could feel a bit of a difference.”

“Your timing is not there, your feeling of the game, your distances. When I made the decision to leave Arsenal, it was based on that.”

“I never spoke about it in a loud way, but inside of me, I felt like that was actually one of the things that helped. It was something which drove me to get better,” he said.

“Over the years I think I have developed a better understanding of being a goalkeeper – and I mean on and off the pitch. I mean how to deal with certain situations, how to prepare myself for games, how to read the game.”

“I think I needed to leave Arsenal to do that. I needed a new challenge in my life and I am very happy with how things have gone from that moment,” he commented.