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Fabregas’ answer when asked who will win tonight

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The 32-year-old Monaco footballer played for both Arsenal and Chelsea in the English Premier League.

Arsenal is set to play against Chelsea tonight in the UEFA Europa League Final.

And one player who does understand both clubs is 32-year-old Cesc Fabregas.

Fabregas played with the Gunners from 2003 to 2011.

He moved to Barcelona in 2011, and then to Chelsea in 2014.

But in January he decided to go play for Monaco in France.

“Obviously I was with Chelsea very recently,” he told Football London.

“Three months ago I was playing with all these players, team-mates.”

He commented: “We won a lot together, I had great times with the fans, with the club, so that’s definitely a big thing.”

“Arsenal – what can I say? I spent probably the best years of my life there.”

“The connection I had with the fans is something you don’t see very, very often,” he added.

“Even though we didn’t win as much with Chelsea, we competed very well, every year we made the Champions League, competing even in finals.”

“If you ask me to choose, I think it would be impossible for me to choose. But, as I said, I have great, great memories with both teams,” he commented.

“I captained the team, I have a few assists here and there.”

“To be honest, I don’t really mind about the fact if I get a medal or not, but definitely you do feel a part of it,” Fabregas concluded.