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Fabregas frustrated with Frech response to coronavirus

Cesc Fabregas
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Cesc Fabregas has criticized the people of France for not taking the coronavirus safety measures seriously.

The French government has taken strict measures to contain the spread of coronavirus in the country.

People are not allowed to exit their houses until absolutely necessary. And even when they do, an explanation is demanded on the motive and the urgency of their travel.

Professional football in the nation was indefinitely suspended as well. According to Premiere Ligue president Bernard Caiazzo, Ligue 1 will not resume until June 15.

However, Monaco midfielder Cesc Fabregas insists there still needs a lot to be done to prevent the virus from further escalating its effects.

“Three or four days ago, I had to go to the supermarket to buy food for dinner. And to tell the truth, I did not like what I saw, in the sense that there were people without gloves, without masks, not respecting distances,” Fabregas told Spanish radio station Onda Cero.

“In the fruit and vegetable department, there were people gathered, touching the food without gloves.

“I saw one person, without gloves, picking up and putting down food because he didn’t like it. We still have a lot to do.”