Fabregas is loving Maurizio Sarri’s style of play

Catalan midfielder Cesc Fabregas revealed that he wished Maurizio Sarri had arrived at Chelsea earlier, his style of play suits him better.

The type of football that Cesc Fabregas learned during his childhood at Barcelona, is very similar to the one that Italian manager Maurizio Sarri practices at Chelsea today.

For the Catalan midfielder, Sarri’s arrival has been an incredible confidence boost for him because he wasn’t playing they way he liked under Jose Mourinho and Antonio Conte during the previous two spells at Chelsea.

The Catalan player had a great performance last Thursday in Chelse’a Europa League match against Vidi FC, he instrumental in the winning goal that Alvaro Morata scored and he spoke to the media right after the final whistle where he explained how different life for him is under Sarri.

“I like it, everything goes through me. This is what I like. I feel sensations under Sarri that I never thought I would feel again,” said Fabregas to BBC reporters after the match.

“To be honest touching the ball 100 times, all the play going through me or Jorginho is a very important role for him, I’m learning it, I’m very passionate about it as it’s very interesting.”

“The way [Sarri] sees football is something that maybe in the future if I become a coach I think I’ll do something very similar to what he does.”

“It’s what I like and how I see football. I’m learning a lot from here, it’s really interesting how he works and I’m really looking forward to working for a long time with him.”

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“I wish he came a bit earlier to be honest, it’s a little bit late now in my career. Definitely, I’m very happy with him.”

“I just came back from a difficult injury, I’m still sometimes feeling it a little bit. I felt I could have helped in the West Ham game and Liverpool in different types of things, but the manager tried another option and I respect that.”

“It is difficult to be sitting there and not helping the team when you know you could add something.”

“This is part of the game, it’s still early for me. For me this is preseason, I’ve only been with the team for two weeks after seven or eight weeks out so it’s just there, it’s my second game in this position and I feel really good.”

Fabregas also revealed that he would accept a new contract if Chelsea offered him one: “Yeah I’m very open about it. To be honest the club has not said anything. At the end of the day I have eight months left and at the moment I’m gone.”

“But I’d love to stay at the club. I’ve been very happy for the last four years and a half, we’ve had great success, won many things.”

“I think I have a good understanding with the fans and players. I feel I still have a lot of football left in me but it is now up to the club.”

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