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Falcao recalls how Gimenez drove him crazy on his debut

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Colombian striker Radamel Falcao remembers how Jose Maria Gimenez drove him nuts during his debut for the Uruguay National Team.

Defender Jose Maria Gimenez is already one of the best players in the world, he made his debut against Colombia during a World Cup Qualifying match and he had to mark Falcao.

‘El Tigre’ was at the peak of his powers at the time, we are talking about the player who was being compared to Messi and Ronaldo back then.

That same player, had to deal with a precocious defender who was only 19 at the time and he wanted to devour the whole world.

We still had no idea but this was the day in which a world-class defender was born, Radamel has a compelling story to tell us about the day he met Gimenez.

The Uruguay international is the type of defender that doesn’t leave your side, the one that keeps breathing down your neck and makes you lose your mind.

But apart from the obvious physical aspects of his game, Gimenez could also manage the psychological game to perfection.

The defender learned from one of the best in Diego Godin, who has been his mentor since he started his career as a professional.

The defender was fresh out of getting transferred from Danubio to Atletico Madrid by Diego Simeone’s specific request.

The Argentine manager has a very special eye for these types of talented players, the ones with the indomitable fighting spirit who reminds him of his days as a player.

Gimenez fit the profile of the talent that Simeone has been looking for since he arrived in Madrid, he is the player that marked Falcao.

The Colombian striker didn’t know about this player because he just moved from Atletico to AS Monaco during the same summer, but he was about to meet Gimenez in the most unexpected manner.

Turns out that the young Uruguay international was making his debut with his national team against Colombia.

The Charruas won that match 2-0 thanks to Gimenez’s debut against one of the best strikers in the world at the time.

Falcao remembers that day as if it was yesterday, Radamel knew that Gimenez would use any means necessary to distract him that night.

“I couldn’t concentrate as Giménez was driving me crazy,” said Falcao via Goal.

“He asked me questions. First, he asked me what car I had. When I was explaining it, he had already gone and was waiting to meet a cross.”

“That was only the start. Then he asked me why the flags of Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela have the same colors.”

“Next he came over to me and told me it was his debut, that he was very happy and that he would get a tattoo of the date of his match, asking me if September was spelled with or without a ‘p’.”

“I ended up missing the chance to jump for a cross. He drove me crazy.”

From an inexperienced lad to one of the best.

Since that moment forward, Gimenez has never stopped growing to become one of the best players of his generation.

Right now, the Uruguay international is already considered amongst the Top 10 best defenders in the world.

This recognition is thanks to the work he has done with manager Diego Simeone and the teachings of compatriot Diego Godin.

However, that witty player Falcao met as a teenager is still there.

Josema is currently playing the Copa America in Brazil, where he is about to play against Japan in the tournament’s second match of the group stage.

We can bet that Gimenez will remain at Atletico Madrid for many years to come, he will remain faithful to manager Diego Simeone and perhaps follow him to another club if the gaffer decides to leave the Colchoneros in the future.

Some defenders use very different tactics, some are quite violent when they play.

Gimenez decided to use his intelligence and it has done wonders for him so far, that same player is currently at the top of the world and he will still improve.

There is no limit to what Jose Maria Gimenez will be able to accomplish during his career, the sky’s the limit for him.


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