Fan dies after setting herself on fire protesting Iran’s ban on women spectators

A young woman from Iran set, only publicly known as The Blue Girl for the color of her favorite club Esteghlal, has died from her injuries after protesting Iran’s ban on female fans.

Back in February, a 29-year-old female football fan from Iran tried to enter the stadium to watch an Esteghlal match.

She was not let inside the stadium and faced prosecution and prison time for trying to watch her favorite club from the stands.

Then a week ago she set herself on fire, protesting Iran’s policies to ban women from stadium stands.

She protested outside the court that was set to give her a six-month sentence for her love of the game.

And today she has died from the injuries resulted from the fire.

“As we are shocked by old limitations set for women, the future generations will be astonished to [find out] that women were banned from entering sports arenas in our time,” Iran national team captain Masoud Shojaei wrote on Instagram.


Infantino talks about letting Iranian women into the stadiums

Iran is the only country in the world where women cannot attend a football match live at the stadium, and the FIFA president has called for the ban to end.

“The origin of such limitations is the rotten and disgusting thinking of the past, and will be incomprehensible for the next generation.”

Iran is the only country in the world that bans women fans from attending sports stadiums.

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سلام و عرض احترام ميخواستم ضمن تشكر و قدردانى از هواداران خوب تيم كه مثل هميشه با حمايت و حضورشان باعث خرسندى و دلگرمى ما بودند از آقاى زنوزى مالك باشگاه و كادر مديريت تيم هم براى تهيه و مراسم معارفه البسه در خور شأن باشگاه و بازيكنان نهايت قدردانى را داشته باشم و همچنين خدا قوت و سپاسگزارى از تيم رسانه اى و خدمات و پشتيبانى باشگاه كه با تلاش بى وقفه توانستند كليپها،عكسها و شرايطى ايده ال براى برگزارى مراسم را مهيا كنند. نكته درخشان،خوشايند و قابل تأمل اين مراسم حضور بانوان علاقه مند به فوتبال و تيم تراكتور بود كه بدون هيچ مشكلى و در كمال آرامش و حفظ احترامشان در اين مراسم حضور داشتند كه اميدوارم با كمك مجريان امر شاهد حضور با شكوه اين عزيزان در طى مسابقات ليگ هم باشيم. آرزوى سلامتى و آسايش خاطر براى همه هموطنان دارم و اميدوارم كه امسال شاهد يك ليگ جذاب باشيم و البته با تلاش و اراده ما بازيكنان و حمايت طرفداران تيممان هفته هايى سرشار از شادى و موفقيت براى كادر تيم و پرشورها در انتظارمان باشد. 🙏🏽🚜♥️

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