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Fans go crazy as Cristiano Ronaldo shows up at city centre in Birmingham… or does he?

Fake Ronaldo
Fake Ronaldo

Ronaldo’s appearance causes disruption anywhere he goes as everyone wants a selfie or at least an autograph from the Portuguese superstar.

This time around, Ronaldo caused havoc in Birmingham.

The moment they saw the bodyguards surrounding a man of Ronaldo’s stature, the crowd went wild.

It turns out that “Ronaldo” in Birmingham was just a hired actor pretending to be the Portuguese footballer.

Youtuber TolaTheKurd was behind this prank, organizing everything.

TolaTheKurd talked to Birmingham Live about the idea:

“A lot of planning went into creating and executing this prank, from choosing times to meet up, where the video should be shot, how many security guards were needed and how many actors we should have.

“I have done many videos previously, however nothing like this. Many crazy prank I have pulled of on my family and in public however It’s my first fake celebrity prank.”

As for Cristiano Ronaldo himself, he is preparing to face AC Milan on Sunday, far away from city centres and crowds.