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Fati and Suarez shine against Valencia at Camp Nou

Ansu Fati, Barcelona
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With a mesmerizing first half from Ansu Fati and a brace from Luis Suarez in the second half, Barcelona demolished Valencia at Camp Nou.

Valencia has been in shambles over the last week, a historic defeat was expected against Barcelona but we got an unexpected guest to the party with Ansu Fati.

The 16-year-old forward keeps growing his level of performance, he plays as if he was already a veteran player.

He was the one who got Barcelona on the lead during the very first minutes of the game, and he kept making history with his contribution.

It didn’t even take him two minutes to let people know that he came to Barcelona to stay, Fati scored the first goal of the evening after Frenkie de Jong assisted him from the right.

The young star celebrated with a face of disbelief, he is living the dream. From this moment forward, Fati got increasingly more confident on the right flank and started dribbling on the Valencia defenders with ease.

The second goal took a few more minutes to come from his side of the pitch, Ansu returned the favor to De Jong and assisted the Dutchman on his first La Liga goal for FC Barcelona.

With a goal and an assist at the age of 16, Fati is the only player in La Liga history to accomplish this feat.

Nobody else has done what this kid did tonight, this is a sign that great things will happen throughout his career.

The first half seemed like it would go in a completely different way than it did, Valencia somehow managed to get back in the game before half-time.

Kevin Gameiro pulled one back for his side after an assist from Rodrigo, the goal needed to get reviewed by the ref because an offside was called by the lineman.

With the 2-1 result, the game seemed like it could go either way, we got to the break with the fresh reminder that Ansu Fati exists and Barcelona has a truly frightening attack.

And this was just the first half, way more was in store for the second as Luis Suarez was waiting to play some minutes on the bench.

But before that, Gerard Pique scored a goal early in the second half that gave Barcelona even more tranquility.

With a 3-1 scoreline in the bag, manager Ernesto Valverde decided to take Ansu Fati off the pitch and the Camp Nou crowd exploded in applause.

Just think about this, the kid was watching his Barcelona B squad win their match just hours before taking control of Camp Nou Stadium.

This lad is truly living the dream, and he isn’t even breaking a sweat. As he moved to the side of the pitch, Luis Suarez was waiting for him to get his minutes after coming back from an injury.

Suarez comes back to his element.

It didn’t take too long for Luis Suarez to get cozy at Camp Nou again, he may not have a good away record but playing at home always makes him stronger.

After only a minute on the pitch, he scored a beautiful goal after an assist from Arthur Melo.

This reminded us to that legendary Champions League strike that Ronaldinho scored at Stamford Bridge, the one in which he danced a little before hitting the ball.

Luis combined with Antoine Griezmann perfectly during his thirty minutes on the pitch, the French forward assisted Luis on his second goal and gave Barcelona the 5-1 lead.

Valencia was a complete mess at this point, but this was nothing new considering how terrible their previous week has been.

Gomez managed to pull another one back for his side, but he did it when it was already too late.

This victory was witnessed by an injured Lionel Messi from the stands, he truly enjoyed Ansu Fati’s performance and he smiled wide when Luis Suarez scored both of his goals.

Leo’s most recent statements appear to have awoken the rest of the players, they obviously don’t want him to leave and they will do everything in their power to help the team win titles.

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