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Faubert – ‘Madrid, I don’t have time for this bulls**t’

Julien Faubert
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Julien Faubert recalls his reaction to a call that turned out to be Real Madrid wanting to sign him from West Ham United.

It’s not surprising that many of us don’t recall Julien Faubert being a Real Madrid player. He went there on a six-month loan deal from West Ham United back in 2009.

The Martinique international right-back recalls the events of that day vividly. Speaking to The Athletic, he thought it was a wind up at first.

He said:

“I received a call from this French guy at Real Madrid and he said to me, ‘Hi, I work for Real Madrid and we have to talk to you.’

“I told him I have an important game to prepare for and I don’t have time for this bullsh*t, I switched off my phone.”

“We played the game and after the match, I switched on my phone and saw around 30 text messages and 50 voicemails.”

“That’s when I knew it was serious.”

“So I called my manager and he said to me we have to talk with Real Madrid because they are in a hotel at Heathrow.”

Faubert signed for Los Blancos on a loan.

But after only two appearances in six months, his dream was over and he returned to Upton Park and East London.

His time at the Santiago Bernabeu was so exciting, he even managed to fall asleep on the bench.