Fazio talks about Roma’s new coach

Fazio believes that Roma players will have to work hard to adjust to Paulo Fonseca’s demands but is relishing the challenge.

Federico Fazio has been at Roma for four years now and has already seen several coaches come and go. The defender has been an important man for all coaches and it is likely that Fonseca will rely on Fazio for defensive stability.

Currently in Trigoria on a football retreat, Fazio spoke with Forza Roma regarding the new coach and how the league will be for the team.

Fazio says that it is going to be interesting for everyone to get to know the new coach but said that this is very normal in football.

“It’s going to be a very interesting season. Not only for me, but for all of Rome, for the fans as well as they get to know the new coach. It happens in football where you experience change a lot. We are very curious to know about the new coach and to train as much as possible during this period.”

Roma played a warm-up game against Fonseca’s old club Shakhtar Donetsk which gave Fazio a good idea about what sort of football Roma will play under their new manager.

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“They were very good on the ball especially in attack. It was a good game for us since we won. It was difficult because of the cold, they played well.”

Fonseca wants to play attacking football and Fazio says that the idea is to stay in a compact shape.

“I like to play the ball so I’m looking forward to getting to know the coach better. We must be compact.”

And the club is also in for another gruelling season following a disappointing 6th place finish last campaign. Fazio says that a lot has changed in the Serie A this summer.

“All the teams fighting for the Scudetto have changed a lot. It will be another change for Serie A. At Roma, we have to get used to this change again, to know each other and the coach.”


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