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FC Barcelona signed Ronaldinho 16 years ago to this day

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We go through the moment that changed FC Barcelona’s history for the better, the day in which Ronaldinho arrived 16 years ago today.

FC Barcelona wouldn’t be the same club they are today without Ronaldinho’s arrival, the Brazilian genius came to the club 16 years ago to this day.

The moment for him to make his triumphant entrance was ideal, he was just entering that sweet spot right at the peak of his powers and he wanted to prove himself to the world.

You see, Ronaldinho was hell-bent on fulfilling a promise he made to his late father.

The man who took him to every training session when he as little, the one who made him a faithful lover of this sport and passed away before he could see his youngest son succeed in football.

For Ronaldinho, becoming the best player in the world was a huge deal and he knew that Barcelona was the perfect place for him to achieve that.

The Catalan club was coming fresh out of a small “dark ages” period of time, an era in which they grew tired of living under Real Madrid’s shadow.

Although they did have moments of brilliance with some of their transfers, they still weren’t the juggernaut they are today and Ronaldinho came to change all that.

The man came from Paris Saint-Germain after a cool period in which he needed to adapt to European football, but his immense talent was demanding a greater challenge.

The Brazilian flavor at Barcelona.

Ronaldinho was coming to a club where the board saw the amazing potential that having Brazilian players could bring to the club, their first bet was Romario and it worked out very well.

The Catalan club didn’t mind sacrificing some time wasted on players who couldn’t last for a long time but shined with the sun’s intensity when they were at their best.

Brazilians have a very unique sense of what “fun” means, they lead a very busy life outside of football but they sill deliver the expected results.

Romario was the perfect example of this, that man was a rebel without a cause. Ronaldo Nazario came on a more serious manner after the first Brazilian.

The problem with him was the disagreement he had with the board of directors right after he arrived, Barcelona knew that they needed to find another brilliant Brazilian in the transfer market right after he left.

They were scouting a playmaker from Deportivo La Coruña who fit right into the club’s dynamic and philosophy.

Rivaldo was his name and he too was something unique to watch on the pitch, he helped the Catalan club win a few titles and he even won the Ballon d’Or in 1999.

But nobody expected what was coming from Ronaldinho, he is the man responsible for what we know today from the Blaugrana.

FC Barcelona made the effort to bring Ronaldinho from PSG and beat Manchester United in the bidding for the player, they also played some tricks in order to convince him.

When the player said yes to the club’s offer, president Joan Laporta knew they made one of the best deals that the club sealed in modern history.

The man was presented on July 19, 2003. That cheeky smile would capture the whole world in a state of trance, the man’s tricks would also play an important part in it.

Suddenly, everything felt okay right the very first match at Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan Stadium in Sevilla.

We all knew something special was about to happen when Ronaldinho took his very first ball and sent a screamer into the top corner.

A new era was born on the day he signed his contract and subsequently scored that goal a few weeks later, nobody will ever forget this unique talent.

Some even say that Ronaldinho is by far the most talented player who ever lived, he didn’t become the best player in history only because he decided to stop making the effort right after winning the Ballon d’Or.

For ‘Dinho‘, getting recognized as the best player in the world meant that he kept his promise to his late father.

He could finally rest easy knowing that his dad was looking down to him from heaven, smiling and knowing his son kept his word.

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