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Felix beats Ronaldo in their first duel of the season

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In the first match of the season between Juventus and Atletico Madrid, Joao Felix surpassed Cristiano Ronaldo with a brace in Sweden.

We already know that Joao Felix is the worthy heir that Cristiano Ronaldo has been looking for at Portugal, they played against each other on Saturday.

The kid has been getting all the headlines during the pre-season due to his natural goal-scoring capabilities.

Ronaldo hasn’t been as active as everybody expects, age has been an important factor for him to get into the season’s rhythm and today would be no different.

As part of the International Champions Cup, both Juventus and Atletico Madrid traveled to Solna for the final match of the pre-season.

We were all expecting this clash between master and pupil, none of them disappointed.

Cristiano Ronaldo didn’t get to score a goal this evening, but he did manage to deliver a few sparks of quality throughout the 71 minutes he played.

Felix was the one who truly got the attention of the whole world now, this kid is pure fire and manager Diego Simeone knows it.

“Joao has great capabilities,” said Simeone via Diario AS.

“He is adapting very quickly to what the team needs from him. He has a vision that allows him to adapt to many positions on the pitch and he is going through that process right now.”

“The best part of all this is that I noticed his desire to learn from the first day he started training with us.”

“He keeps his wish to understand what we are trying to teach him and that will shorten the adaptation process.”

“He has a natural talent, but his desire to learn is what will make his path to success a lot shorter.”

“Footballers have no age these days, Joao Felix will play as much as he needs to play,” he concluded.

Why does Diego Simeone talk about Joao Felix in this fashion?

Well, the youngster was coming from a couple of stellar performances in the friendlies against Real Madrid and the MLS All-Star team.

Everybody was expecting him to appear against Juventus on Saturday, and his response was to score the two goals that gave Atletico Madrid the victory.

The first one was a volley he connected after Kieran Trippier gave him a clinical cross from the right-wing, Felix made a clear movement that sets him apart from any other striker in the world right now.

After Sami Khedira pulled one back for Juventus not too long after Felix’s first goal, the kid responded with another volley after an assist from Thomas Lemar.

In this case, Joao made the move between the lines and he was the one who pushed the French midfielder to send the pass.

Even without the ball, the young striker can make his teammates better players by simply moving on the pitch.

This level of skill is very unusual for a player his age, only Kylian Mbappe, Lionel Messi, and Ronaldo himself offered this kind of performances at the same age.

Cristiano wasn’t able to get any goals in this match, but he did play a fairly decent match.


Both clubs begin their respective seasons in the next week.

After the first half took place, both clubs started to make changes that completely changed the game’s dynamic. It is hard for us to get more information about both clubs with these modifications, the result remained the same. All we can do is talk about what’s coming for both squads in their respective leagues. Atletico Madrid is the one that will start the season earlier, they play against Getafe next weekend. Juventus open the season a week after that, they will visit Parma for the first Serie A match of the season. However, the Italian giants won’t have any time to rest because their second game of the season will be against SSC Napoli. It will be a strong match too early in the season for either of both teams, none of them are ready to compete at their highest level. Juventus is having a bit of trouble with many new players and a new manager, whereas Napoli has a couple more signings yet to make and they aren’t a complete squad. Carlo Ancelotti recently spoke about the club’s possible arrivals, but he is having trouble convincing the president to make the effort. The Old Lady lost today not because they are not a great squad, but because they faced young Joao Feliz who is on fire.

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