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Felix dreams of Champions League and Ballon d’Or

Joao Felix
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Atletico Madrid’s Joao Felix admits it is his footballing dream to win both the Champions League and the Ballon d’Or.

20-year-old Portuguese forward Joao Felix just like any other footballer has his sights on success. But the youngster doesn’t want just any success, he wants to win the very top prizes.

Brazilian legend Kaka has long retired from the game, but during his prime, he achieved the lofty goals that the young Felix is aspiring to reach.

In an interview between the pair on Instagram, the Atletico player acknowledges the achievements of the former Real Madrid man but admits his focus is on himself and not others.

Felix said:

“You managed in a single year what others strive for over their entire career.”

“I had your poster in my room and I never expected to be here talking to you.” 

“There will only ever be one Kaka and one Joao.”

“My sporting dream is to win the Champions League and the Ballon d’Or.” 

Kaka was quick to repay the complement.

He responded:

“We are physically similar and I also think you are very attacking.”

“I was the same. I think you are technically more gifted than me, I was more attacking, direct, but I don’t like to compare.”

Check out the whole interview.

Statistically, Felix had a disappointing year. It will be interesting to see how he develops next season, and if Atletico Madrid can fulfill his ambitions.