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Female officials will take charge of the European Super Cup

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The UEFA Super Cup is set to be played tomorrow by Chelsea and Liverpool in Turkey, and the game will be officialized by a group of female referees.

Referee Stephanie Frappart, and assistants Manuela Nicolosi and Michelle O’Neill, will take charge of the UEFA Super Cup.

And for her and the group of female officials, this is a big honor and a big responsibility.

“Of course my life has changed because I’m more popular around the world now,” said Frappart to The Guardian.

“I’ve already been appointed to Ligue 1 in France so I know the feeling and how to deal with my emotions. It is not the first appointment to a big game for me so I know the meaning behind it.”

Chairman of the Referees’ Association in England, Paul Field, added: “It is an outstanding achievement for anybody to get a final of this prestige and I think it can do nothing but be positive for the women’s game.”

“We’ve already got some outstanding female match officials in England and anything that gives them a lift in terms of profile in the game has to be good.”

“We absolutely applaud it, as long as it’s done on ability, and not just because she’s female. She’s there because she’s an outstanding referee,” he said.

“We absolutely want her to have a fantastic game tomorrow.”

“A fantastic game because that positivity will ring out around the English game in particular, that’s where my focus is, and we need successful dedicated women who also have a little bit of luck in life, have fewer poor big games, instead having the games that they officiate go well and as a result has a positive impact,” he commented.

“What you don’t want is someone to have a poor game, because that can set you back years.”