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Ferdinand continues his defense of Newcastle’s owner

Rio Ferdinand
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The former English Premier League footballer insists on defending Newcastle United’s current owner Mike Ashley.

Former Manchester United footballer Rio Ferdinand continues to defend Newcastle United’s owner Mike Ashley.

Ferdinand had recently a chat on live television with Jake Humphrey, and the ex-defender says his decisions are the correct ones.

“I don’t even know him really well. I will get to know him. My issue is – it’s got nothing to do with my business dealings that I have with his company – I just think when they went down, he spent fifty-odd million pounds to get them back up,” he was quoted by The Daily Mail.

“You look down the road, last season or whatever, Sunderland spent £1.2million to get in the Championship.”

“He’s done that to get them back up, and by the way, please say thank you for getting Rafa Benitez in because, by rights, they’re lucky to have him,” he added.

JH: Since they got promoted Brighton have spent £100m, Huddersfield £72million, Newcastle £6million. In that time, Premier League revenue income of £150million.”