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Ferdinand criticizes Sissoko

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The former Manchester United footballer believes the Tottenham Hotspur midfielder gave the Champions League title to Liverpool.

In the second minute of the UEFA Champions League Final, Liverpool’s Sadio Mane attempted a pass that struck Moussa Sissoko’s chest and then touched his right arm.

This gave the Reds an early penalty kick against Tottenham Hotspur, that was scored by Mohamed Salah.

And according to former Manchester United footballer Rio Ferdinand, this play was like giving Liverpool the Champions League trophy.

“It’s an absolute nightmare start for this Spurs team,” Ferdinand said early on BT Sport’s broadcast according to The Express.

“But I think his arm’s up in the air, I think that when you put your hand up like that in the penalty area you’re asking for trouble.”

“You’re allowing the referee to make a decision that can go against you,” he added.

“I don’t know why his hand’s up there, who’s he talking to?”

“He makes the decision easy for the ref,” he continued.

“It goes to his chest first, then his hand,” former Tottenham manager and midfielder Glenn Hoddle added.

“If it hits his hand directly, I’m saying that’s intentional handball, he’s put his hand in an awkward position.”

“But it hits his chest first, is that intentional from his chest to his hand? No way,” Hoddle concluded.