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Ferdinand slams Southgate for going public on Sterling

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Rio Ferdinand has slammed Gareth Southgate for going public on the Raheem Sterling Joe Gomez incident.

Gareth Southgate has revealed that he is not considering Raheem Sterling for selection for England first of two Euro 2020 qualifiers.

While Southgate hasn’t released any specific details of what transpired, he has eluded to an incident between Gomez and Sterling that related to club rivalry.

According to the statement issued by the FA Southgate insinuated a club verse club problem.

He said:

“We have taken the decision to not consider Raheem for the match against Montenegro on Thursday.”

“One of the great challenges and strengths for us is that we’ve been able to separate club rivalries from the national team.”

“Unfortunately the emotions of yesterday’s game were still raw.”

While Sterling has since taken to social media to confirm that there was something between him and Gomez, but he also clarified that it is all cleared up now. 

England and Manchester United legend Rio Ferdinand is less than impressed though that this incident was released t the pubic.

Ferdinand feels that Southgate should have handled the matter internally and in private.

He took to social media to express his concerns,

Ferdinand said:

“Gareth has handled being England manager brilliantly – up to this point.”

“However, I feel this incident could have been handled better.”

“Keep it behind closed doors & deal with it internally surely?! ”

“Raheem Sterling was still upset with Gomez about the result on Sunday & their little pushing/words said during the Liverpool vs Man City game.”

“Obviously, as a manager, I’m sure having a harmonious squad is the best scenario – handshakes and hugs on sight, not confrontations.”

Ferdinand has seen far worse between international teammates, and nothing has ever been revealed to the public.

He continued:

“But let’s be honest now this kind of stuff isn’t uncommon in squads full of testosterone.”

“In the various squads I have been a part of I have seen players get punched in the face, ribs were broken, nose busted, head kicked like a football”

“A throat grab was the equivalent of the intricate handshake embraces that are all too familiar today!”

“The main question is: Why this couldn’t be handled internally?”