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Ferencvaros player trolled Ronaldo with a reward in the end

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During the match between Ferencvaros and Juventus, one of the Hungarian club’s players trolled Ronaldo and got rewarded in the end. 

One of Ferencvaros’ players decided to give life to the expression ‘poking the bear’ with Cristiano Ronaldo last Tuesday. Early in the match, he scored his side’s only goal and made a risky decision to celebrate exactly like Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Portuguese player looked at this choice and simply smiled. He knew he would have a chance to respond to the insolence during the rest of the game. After scoring Juventus’ equalizer, Ronaldo pointed at the Myrto Uzuni without making the same celebration. Throughout the rest of the match, Cristiano wasn’t fortunate in front of goal as he attempted to score Juventus’ second of the evening.

However, Alvaro Morata decided the game with a last-minute winner that qualified his side to the Round of 16. But the fun image of the evening came right after the game, as Ronaldo was leaving the pitch with three more points in the bag. 

Uzuni paid homage to Ronaldo. 

In some pictures after the game, we could see Uzuni exchanging jerseys with Cristiano Ronaldo. The Juventus star was laughing at something the Albanian striker was saying as a sign of approval. It was evident the celebration was something Cristiano appreciated as a respectful gesture.

Uzuni himself has repeatedly stated he is a faithful Ronaldo fan as he fulfilled a dream last night. There are many footballers around the world who feel the same way Uzuni does with Cristiano Ronaldo. They are all dreaming of someday facing their idol but very few get to live it as the Albanian striker did.

Even though he won’t face the star anymore for the foreseeable future, he can sure save this moment in his memory for the rest of his life. Uzuni will be one more of the many players who will get to tell their grandkids he once played against the great Cristiano Ronaldo.