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Ferguson taught PSG the biggest lesson through his book

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After PSG got eliminated for the seventh consecutive time in the Champions League, it’s time to remember a suitable quote from Sir Alex Ferguson’s book.

Apart from being the greatest manager of all time, Sir Alex Ferguson is also considered one of the wisest football figures in history and he taught rich clubs like PSG a lesson through his writing nearly three years ago.

We are living in an era where moguls are trying moving the world of football with their money, it reached this beautiful sport nearly two decades ago with clubs like Manchester City, Chelsea, and PSG more recently with the sole intention to make them compete against the oldest clubs in the world almost instantly.

Roman Abramovich’s Chelsea is the one that started with this trend, it took the Blues more than €1 billion to “buy” themselves a Champions League trophy but the other two clubs still haven’t been able to accomplish this feat.

The one that got a little closer to reaching this objective is Manchester City, which coincidentally is Manchester United’s “noisy neighbor” as Sir Alex so eloquently put it in the past.

The Citizens are the first ones who have understood that they need time to build a club with tradition, Pep Guardiola completely understands this due to his background at FC Barcelona and he keeps repeating that his boys are not ready to win the Champions League yet.

There may be a chance for them this season, but it’s still unclear if they will be able to compete against clubs such as Liverpool, Bayern Munich, Juventus, FC Barcelona, or even Manchester United.

However, there is already a great tracking record that Manchester City has been building in the past five years that is slowly transforming them into one of the most successful clubs in Europe with a real structure behind it.

The club’s owners must have read Sir Alex Ferguson’s book that came out two years ago, it is called “Leading” and it came out to the public back in September 2016.

This book talks about the Scottish manager’s unique experiences in football, it is a guide for any aspiring coach who wants to learn how to take his squad to certain victory.

The Manchester United old boss has lived through the decades in European football, he is one of the few people who had the opportunity to watch many clubs evolving throughout history.

One of the most important things that Sir Alex learned during his nearly three decades as Manchester United’s manager and a lifetime in football, is that the best clubs in history are built through time and patience rather than money.

We can already picture Nasser Al-Khelaifi sitting down alongside five of his closest business friends, completely desperate because he doesn’t know what else to do in order to win the Champions League.

The man has already spent an insane amount of money and he still hasn’t realized that he is doing it wrong, he might even lose some of his best players next summer because they already got desperate.

We would gladly recommend Nasser to take a step back and read some of Sir Alex Ferguson’s wise words from this book, where he teaches these clubs with more money than tradition the best lesson they will ever learn.

“Although it may be possible to buy the way to short-term success, this tactic does not work for the long term.”

“This endeavor requires patience and the construction of a complete organization. Money has never been able to create a heterogeneous and competent club, it doesn’t grant stature nor history.”

“Money also doesn’t fill out stadiums with fans who are willing to withstand the rain and it sure doesn’t make children’s dreams come true,” wrote the Scotsman on his book.


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