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Fernandes reveals how Ronaldo’s superstar mentality inspired him

Bruno Fernandes, Cristiano Ronaldo
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The Manchester United legend was already inspiring a new generation from a young age in his relentless pursuit of glory.

Bruno Fernandes has revealed how Cristiano Ronaldo’s top work ethic and desire to always exceed his limits shaped his own career.

The midfielder has followed a similar path to Ronaldo in representing Sporting CP and Manchester United. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg, as he has frequently hailed his idol since heading to Old Trafford in January.

Bruno has labeled Ronaldo as the most talented player he’s ever seen, revealed how he makes any team stronger, remarked on the star’s professionalism, and so much more.

But now the 26-year-old has offered a fresh intake on his childhood hero by opening up on how Ronaldo’s impressive rise from a young age influenced him as a boy.

“When Cristiano began to take his first steps in the national team, it was in the Euros (2004) in our home country (Portugal), so I was nine years old,” Fernandes told the UTD Podcast.

“That year stays with everyone because we lost the final and we saw him crying afterward.

“He was a young boy who was starting to shine, and from there I started to watch him.

“It was the way he worked every day, the mentality he had, the capacity he had to give 100 per cent in every game at a high level.

“For me, it was like a motivation, like you always have to do better. He was scoring goals every game, but he was still trying to improve.

“My mentality comes a little bit from understanding what sort of player you want to be.

“Do you want to be that player who has a good season, and maybe then goes up and down, or do you want to be the player who always wants to be at the top?

“Okay, you will have bad games for sure, everyone has. Cristiano has had bad games but the point is [how you] come back from a bad game.

“The mentality is ‘I didn’t play well in that last game and I really need to do well in this one.’ The mentality to do better day after day is really important for me.”