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Fernandes screamed as Portugal beat France

Fernandes, Portugal
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Bruno Fernandes recalls how he went screaming down the hotel hallways at his French teammates as Portugal beat France at Euro 2016.

Bruno Fernandes recalls how even though he was not a part of the Portuguese Euro 2016 Championship winning side he still celebrated with pride and passion.

The Manchester United midfielder reveals how he watched the game alone. However, when his home nation defeated France to lift the trophy he ran around screaming and celebrating.

His first port of call was the room of his then Udinese teammates and French players Thomas Heurtaux and Cyril Théréau.

In an interview reported by Goal, he said:

“I was in a hotel during a training camp with Udinese at that point and I had two French players, Thomas Heurtaux and Cyril Théréau.”

“I remember watching the game alone in my room. Everyone else was watching it on a giant screen. I said no, I’ll watch it alone in the room because they’ll bring bad luck, so let me stay here.”

“I stayed in my room alone. The moment we scored the goal I ran across the hotel! I ran to where they were all watching, screaming all the way from my room to where they were! Screaming!”

“I got there and they were obviously devastated, the two French guys, and I was really ecstatic. I think that as a Portuguese, regardless of whether you’re actually involved in Portugal’s successes or not, you have to feel proud.”

Fernades is now a regular in the Portugal side and will look to emulate his hero Ronaldo at the international level and club level.