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Fernando Redondo remembers his injury hell at AC Milan

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Argentine legend Fernando Redondo, opened up about the terrible moment he went through with a career-ending knee injury at AC Milan.

We’ve already talked about Fernando Redondo as one of the best midfielders in La Liga’s history, but Los Blancos sold him to AC Milan at the first opportunity they had despite everything he did for the club during his best years.

The Argentine player didn’t want to leave the institution and he even told the board of directors that he wanted to stay, but the deal was already closed and Redondo had to pack his bags for a new adventure in Serie A.

The Argentine midfielder’s experience in Italian football was relatively short-lived due to the few matches he played, Fernando suffered a nasty knee ligament injury in one of his first training sessions with the club and it kept him out of the game for a total of two and a half years.

This was the same type of injury that Ronaldo Nazario suffered a few years before, only Redondo didn’t even have time to play any competitive matches until the 2002-03 season and he even refused to take his €3 million-per-season salary during the time he recovered because of the embarrassment of not being able to deliver results quickly.

“I had already completed the pre-season with Real Madrid, the sale came through once I finished it,” said Redondo to La Nacion.

“I arrived in Milan and the training system was different, it was a lot of physical endurance and a lot of strength conditioning.”

“I didn’t say anything because I was a little proud about it, but my muscles were dead. I should’ve gone through a progressive adaptation process, but I realized that much later.”

“I started playing football in that context and during a moment where I made a turn: track! I busted my right knee cruciate and wasn’t able to play a single match for the next two years. The first surgery didn’t end with a good result.”

“An Italian who operated on other AC Milan player performed the surgery but he wasn’t a knee specialist, the truth is that the ligament wasn’t placed in an ideal position.”

“I don’t blame the doctor about it, I was unfortunate enough to get into that 3 or 4 percent of error margin. The thing is that during the recovery, my knee got swollen and it really hurt. The doctors kept telling me that I had to overcome the pain.”

“What I did was to practice harder, make my muscles grow bigger and then it got swollen again. Things were only getting worse.”

“I even asked them not to pay me my wage until I could play again. I told them I wanted to travel to Madrid to see Dr. Del Corral,” he continued.

“I needed to get out of Milanello as well, because everybody kept asking me when I was going to return and I didn’t know what to tell them.”

“I believe that things would’ve been different if this happened to me in Madrid because I had given so much to the club already, but this case was different because I didn’t even play a single minute when I arrived.”

“It really was a terrible situation, my head was spinning all the time. I even came to Buenos Aires to see Jorge Bombicino.”

“We finally decided to consult the best knee specialists in the world. We went to France to see the same doctor that operated on Ronaldo, we went to see a couple more and we decided to stick with Martens, a Belgian doctor that gave me a sense of security.”

“I lived in Antwerp for a couple of months, I worked in new techniques for me three times a day during the whole week. They applied a technique called Bier Block, which was banned in Italy and it acted on the central nervous system in order to break the memory of pain.”

“They got me in an operating room and placed my leg upside down, they emptied my blood with a tourniquet and injected me with substances.”

“The risk here is that I could have a major problem if those substances went to my heart. I was finally able to overcome my pain through a lot of different treatments, this allowed me to play for two more years,” he concluded.

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