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Ferran Torres hails David Silva as a childhood inspiration

Ferran Torres
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Pep Guardiola’s presence made Ferran Torres sign on the dotted line and move away from his comfortable surroundings at Valencia.

The arrival of City Football Group has changed the fortunes of Manchester City. The city bleeds Sky Blues and all the top stars ply their trade at the Etihad Stadium. 

One star who will not be there next season is David Silva. However, he is the inspiration to City’s latest recruit, Ferran Torres.

Silva and Torres have a similar background, as both made their mark at the Mestalla. They will not share the dressing room together, but Torres has always looked up to him.

“When I started at Valencia he was enjoying his best time at the Club,” Torres told CityTV.

“He was always an inspiration and then, when he moved to City where he has been playing his best football, I’ve always admired him.”

Reflecting on his arrival in Manchester, Torres shared that Pep Guardiola was the main draw for him. He hailed the Catalan manager and stated his ambition to improve under him. 

“Being part of the project the club set out to me,” he said. “My aim is to grow as a player. I have a lot of room for improvement and the fact of having Pep Guardiola as a manager was a big factor too.”

“It was crucial because he’s one of the best, or I’d say the best manager in the world and at the point I am at now in my career, he can get the best out of me.”

“I’m always trying to improve. I always like to ask the reason why we do things and I think this is fundamental for improving and also because I think I’m young and I still have lots of things to improve.”