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Ferrero won’t bid to reboot Palermo

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The Sampdoria president won’t do anything for the club after its bankruptcy, as he said: “it’s more about local politics than football.”

Palermo declared bankruptcy and failed to register for the 2019-2010 Italian Serie B season.

Which means the team might get rebooted and will start again in Serie D.

And today Sampdoria president Massimo Ferrero talked about the club, but that he will not be making a bid for it.

“Before anyone else says it or starts speculation, I will be clear now: I am not participating in the invitation to tender a project for Palermo Calcio,” Ferrero’s words were echoed by Football Italia.

“It seemed to me that the conditions proposed would have more to do with local politics than football. Mayor Leoluca Orlando is performing his role in this direction and in the best way he can.”

“My interest in Palermo is not like that: it was passionate, managerial, structural. The objective would’ve been to give this club a more national flavor as well as local,” he added.

“I hope that whoever takes on the new Palermo can do well, so I wish everyone luck.”