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FIFA gamers will have rules like those in football

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To make eSports fairer to everyone, FIFA gamers will have to adhere to rules like in football: from fraud prevention to drug testing.

The FIFA competitive gaming community is growing with giant steps.

And according to deputy commissioner of FIFA Competitive Gaming, Sam Turkbas, the rules are getting rewritten to make it fairer to everyone.

“While I can’t go into specifics, we do have a whole security team that monitors FIFA Ultimate Team to make sure that the mode stays secure and fun,” he said to Goal.

“We work with that team directly to continuously vet competitive players throughout the year and we also vet them after they’ve qualified for live events to make sure that their account passes various security benchmarks that we set.”

“We have a really great, diverse, disciplinary committee,” he added.

“There are five members right now and we’re looking to expand it for future iterations as we look toward the future.”

“Also, three of the five members of the disciplinary committee are not people working around FIFA competitive gaming full-time so it really does have support across the entire FIFA business and that’s something we’re proud and excited about,” he commented.

“We don’t do any drug testing, it’s FIFA who do random drug testing at their events but I can’t comment on the exact procedure that’s used.”

Turkbas explained: “But, to our knowledge, drug use has never been an issue during the Global Series.”

“We want to make sure we’re creating a safe and inclusive environment for the Global Series so any overt drug usage during the event would be something we look into.”