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FIFA presents Club World Cup Qatar 2019 emblem

FIFA Club World Cup Qatar 2019. Image by FIFA.
FIFA Club World Cup Qatar 2019. Image by FIFA.

Qatar will host the next two Club World Cups in preparation for the 2022 World Cup. The new emblem has been released today by the organization.

The next two FIFA Club World Cups will be played in Qatar in preparation for the 2022 World Cup.

And today the official emblem has been revealed by FIFA.

“The Official Emblem unveiled today embodies the pinnacle of global club football while highlighting the cultural history of the host country,” the federation wrote on its official website.

“The most striking element of the Official Emblem reimagines a football as a pearl, in recognition of one of Qatar’s earliest industries.”

“The decoration of the iridescent sphere is inspired by mashrabiyas, traditional architectural elements found in residences across the Middle East,” they added.

“Mashrabiya latticework – like pearl diving – has deep roots, with examples dating back to as early as the Middle Ages.”

“The delicate screens are both decorative and functional, serving the dual purpose of cooling homes and providing an elegant decoration both inside and outside,” FIFA said.

“The colors featured in the emblem are the burgundy that is so characteristic of the Qatari nation and the deep turquoise of Doha Bay.”

“The striking pearl is held aloft by shapes reminiscent of sweeping desert sand and accented with diacritics, a fundamental element of the Arabic alphabet,” they concluded.

Five of the seven clubs have already qualified for the tournament: Liverpool, Esperance de Tunis, Monterrey, Hienghene Sport, and Al-Saad.

Meanwhile, the organization is still waiting for the winners of South America and Asia.