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FIFA terminates Guatemala suspension in time for Russian Congress and 2026 vote

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FIFA has ended its suspension imposed on Guatemala 18 months ago over its failure to comply with anti-corruption rules. This lift is coming two weeks before the FIFA Congress in Moscow.

The suspension barred Guatemalan teams from taking part in international competitions such as the Gold Cup, the Central American Games and the CONCACAF Champions League.

“FIFA has today lifted the suspension that was imposed on the Guatemalan Football Association,” the Guatemalan FA (FEDEFUT) said in a statement via Insidefootballworld.

It is not clear whether the country can vote in the ballot for the 2016 World Cup as it has to wait for a ruling from Concacaf before rejoining the international fray. FIFA confirmed it lifted the ban after receiving a letter from Juan Carlos Rios, head of the FIFA-appointed Normalisation Committee to oversee Fedefut’s operations.

Hence the suspension “is lifted with immediate effect, restoring all its rights as a federation member of FIFA,”

Rios told a press conference. “It is a very happy day for us.”

In October 2016, FIFA kicked out Guatemala after it failed to authorise the normalization committee following the corruption scandal that rocked world football. Former Fedefut general secretary Hector Trujillo was the first who the scandal hit when he was sentenced to an eight-month prison and a fine of $415,000 by a Brooklyn federal court.