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Fight, Fight, Fight – Messi vs Cavani

edinson cavani, uruguay
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Edinson Cavani wants to fight Lionel Messi, and the Argentine replied to the challenge “whenever” he wants.

In the aftermath of last night’s supposed friendly between Uruguay and Argentina, it has emerged that Cavani fancies a fight with Messi, and the Argentine is ready and willing.

Argentina scraped a draw with a last-minute penalty converted by Messi to make the score 2-2.

It has now emerged that Cavani told Messi “lets fight”, to which Messi told him that he will fight him “whenever” he wants.

After the match, Cavani tried to play down the incident claiming according to the Daily Mail, it was part and parcel of South American football.

He said:

“It was a classic, a match with lots of friction and strong tackles, as we have in South American football. “

“Both sides have done good things, we leave with a positive feeling and we try to play good football.”

According to some sources, the fight may have already taken place in the tunnel after the game.

Messi has made headlines already in the last seven days after a confrontation with Brazil manager Tite.

It appears that Messi may have his eye on another career after football.