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Fight until the end: Raul Jimenez

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Mexican striker Raul Jimenez has praised the Wolves’ attitude after they were able to draw against Burnley in the latest minute of the game.

With a penalty kick scored in the 90+7th minute, Wolverhampton Wanderers was able to tie 1-1 against Burnley last weekend in the English Premier League.

And the Mexican striker has praised the Wolves’ attitude.

“That’s something that characterized us last season, we had to do it in all matches – fight to the end, until the referee says it’s over,” he told The Daily Mail.

“We’re never going to fall down, we’ll keep working to equalize or win the game.”

Jimenez added: “When they scored something happened to us, but we knew we had very good players to equalize.”

“I hit the same post last weekend and at the end the penalty was good. I had the calmness to take it and score.”

“It’s good for me to take the responsibility for that kind of penalty, last minute, last play of the match,’ he told the club’s official site,” the Mexican international said.

“I have had penalties in finals so I have experience. I have to be calm and it’s good for us to have a point.”

“We have to work these three days, rest and start thinking we have to win the next match,” he said about the match against Torino.

“We have to go to the pitch thinking we have to win. It’s a great opportunity for us to be in the Europa League.”