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Figo’s shocking transfer to Real Madrid was 19 years ago


Let’s look back into one of the most shocking days in Barcelona’s history, which was when Figo signed for Real Madrid 19 years ago today.

FC Barcelona is arguably one of the football clubs that takes the least care of its stars, a major proof of this is Luis Figo’s shocking exit to Real Madrid.

It was 19 years ago to this day when the Catalan club allowed Florentino Perez to take one of their best footballers at the time.

Many of the Catalan club’s supporters blame the player for this shocking event in their history, but very few blame the club’s own board of directors at the time.

FC Barcelona has always been filled with incompetent people at the highest levels, they never get the proper idea of how to take care of their stars.

Three years prior to this incredible event, the club also allowed Ronaldo Nazario to leave them and play for Internazionale Milano.

There was already a clear pattern going on with the institution’s poor treatment of players, they are the typical enterprise that doesn’t value talent as the best companies should always do it.

Nothing has really changed for FC Barcelona since that era, they still have a hard time understanding that their best players should always be taken care of when they are in danger to leave the club.

This situation with Figo escalated pretty quickly and Barcelona wasn’t able to react in time, just like they always miss on doing it.

They are fortunate to have responded when Messi threatens to leave. Otherwise, the club would be a blubbering mess.

The whole situation with Figo went exactly in the way people who actually know of Barcelona’s mediocrity expected, they didn’t move fast enough to prevent Florentino from taking him.

The player didn’t even have much of a say in everything that happened, he only did what his agent told him to do and changed his scenery in a matter of days.

Suddenly, Luis went from being considered one of the city’s beloved sons to one of its biggest enemies.

The star was used to going out in the streets of Barcelona with his family, that couldn’t happen anymore without him getting heckled or bullied.

But as we keep on saying, nobody ever blames the club for allowing this to happen. Similar scenarios occurred in the past with this club, and even after what happened to Luis Figo.

It took place at lower levels of performance but it did stop for a little while when Louis van Gaal came around.

The Dutch manager is arguably the greatest talent scout in football history, he quickly saw the talent of players such as Xavi Hernandez, Carles Puyol, or Andres Iniesta.

They all made their debuts under this manager and became the “holy trinity” of the club for the next 15 years.

When any other club attempted to sign either of these players, the club did react in time and they played at the top of their game during most of their careers.

The new inept presidency.

After Joan Laporta decided to stop allowing players to leave as Luis Figo or Ronaldo Nazario did before his time, the club lived through a golden era.

But this chairman wouldn’t last a long time, he gave Sandro Rossell his job and things started going back to the way they were again.

Today, we have Josep Maria Bartomeu as the living representation of what an incompetent president from Barcelona usually is.

This man has done some of the most despicable things to the club’s biggest legends, he didn’t allow Xavi and Iniesta finish their careers in the club of their lives.

Things are quickly starting to look a lot like they were at the end of the last century, Bartomeu made similar mistakes that the board did with Figo back in the day during the summer of 2017.

Neymar was going through the best moment of his career at Barcelona, and he didn’t prevent PSG from taking one of the biggest stars the club had to Paris.

There is no way of avoiding Bartomeu to remain as the club’s president until 2021, which means we will have even more incompetent decisions from him for a little over two more years.

The Catalan club hasn’t learned from its past mistakes, they may never will and that’s very frustrating to all the supporters.

What do you think about FC Barcelona’s mistakes like the one they made with Luis Figo? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.