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Filippo Romagna believes Italy U-21 are aware of mistakes

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International defender Filippo Romagna has maintained that the Italy Under-21 side “are well aware of the mistakes” against Slovakia as they plan to make up for it with Albania.

The Azzurrini were flattened 3-0 in a friendly and face another test match on Tuesday.

“We analysed Thursday’s loss and are well aware of the mistakes we made, leading to a bad performance and a bad result,” defender Romagna told reporters via Football Italia.

“We are ready to get back on track. We want to send a strong signal to ourselves, as we know that the team seen in that last outing was simply not the real us.

“We have to first and foremost work on the attitude, as I feel technical issues like misplaced passes and tackles come as a consequence of the mentality.

“Criticism is constructive, we know that we made mistakes and analysed everything with the Coach, but are convinced that this performance does not accurately reflect who we are.

“It’s a wake-up call and we’re all determined to sort things out as soon as possible.”

This is played at the Sardegna Arena, where Cagliari defender Romagna plays his home football.

“I’m glad it’ll be at Cagliari and I’m sure the fans will give us a big hand.”