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Fiorentina owner says he will not sack Vincenzo Montella

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There have been some rumors that the “Viola” will sack coach Vincenzo Montella after the team’s bad start in the Italian Lega Serie A.

The 2019-2020 Italian Lega Serie A season didn’t start well for Fiorentina. The Viola lost 4-3 against Napoli in their first match, only to lose 2-1 against Genoa last Sunday.

And this fueled rumors that Fiorentina owner Rocco Commisso was going to sack manager Vincenzo Montella.

“I heard the news of Montella’s farewell and I have to deny it, it’s fake news and he’s staying with us,” Commisso told Football Italia.

“I’ve already said we’re at the start and that we need time. We’ve already made progress, but we can’t do everything in one day.”

“I’m happy with the effort made by those who work here in Florence. I know how to take risks, but I’m aiming to improve things,” he added.

“We did 45 deals. I hope the work done by [advisor Joe] Barone and [Daniele] Prade bears good fruit and that the team goes from strength to strength with Montella.”

“On the first day of my arrival, I said there would be no new Baggio saga and it was the first promise I kept,” he commented.

“I’d like to build a new stadium, but it seems easier to renovate the Franchi.”

“Certainly, we want to do something that makes the Fiorentina fans proud. Addressing landmarks isn’t easy in Italy,” he said.

“They can’t just be torn down, as was the case for Wembley Stadium and others. There are various options on the table and we’ll assess them soon.

“I know people would like a new stadium but, as I said, there are various problems,” Commisso concluded.