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Fiorentina President speaks against racism

Fiorentina president against racism
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Rocco Commisso spoke against racism in football and urged other presidents to join him


Fiorentina president, Rocco Commisso, came out against fans who abuse racist comment at players. The 69-year old expressed his frustration in a few fans who let racism be a part of football.

Previously, there was an incident of racial comments directed at Mario Balotelli. The Italian player threatened to walk off the pitch if the chants continued.



Following the incident, Fiorentina President also expressed his love for Italy and its football fans.

“The fans have been excellent with me, the city, the fans, the politicians, the players. We are all a family. I didn’t expect so much affection,” the Fiorentina president told Sky Sport Italia.

“My love for Italy is eternal, I made my fortune in America and when there is the opportunity, especially in America, Italians have always managed to do well for themselves. It’d be nice to see in future those same opportunities for the Italians in Italy.”

“I have said since the first day, it’s a minority in our football – because the Italian people are not racist – but we cannot allow those few to ruin everyone else’s reputation.

“I’ve said Serie A ought to be second perhaps only to the Premier League. That is my long-term ambition, to raise the overall level of this league.

“I hope the other Presidents can also join me in working towards this objective.”